Welcome to The Old Marquee

Growing up as the son of an American pastor, Taylor Clements has become well-versed in the nuances of Christian life and culture. Through the seasons he has experienced great peace, great power, and also great pain. Growing up he has come to realize that the American church has developed a cultural identity of it’s own and has in many ways neglected to address the inconsistencies and hypocrisies that plague the church today. There is nothing as typical of this as the old church marquees with their cheesiest quotes and clichés. In The Old Marquee, Taylor ventures to honor the tradition from which he has come while challenging the ideas that separate the American church as we know it today from the Church we see dictated in scripture. So spend a few minutes rethinking some old ideas.

Ep 15: God Still Takes Phone Calls From Hell

Lately, my new wife and I have been having some financial difficulties. We have spent the beginning of our new marriage make some tough choices. However, we wouldn’t trade it for the world. Following God and relying on him to provide is difficult but not impossible. Read more →

Ep 14: The Unpopular Disciplines Part 3

I remember the first time I fasted and I found it to be a difficult task because I loved eating back then and honestly I still do. I read stories of people in the bible fasting for forty days I don’t know that I could do that but God has called us to fasting. I just hope it is not… Read more →

Ep 13: The Unpopular Disciplines Part 2

When I was a child I hated being alone because I was always sacred something bad could happen. However, as an adult and a bit of an introvert I have found that I enjoy it quite a bit but is being alone really a spiritual discipline?   The Old Marquee is a Clements Media Podcast. For more information, please visit theoldmarquee.com… Read more →

Ep 12: The Unpopular Disciplines Part 1

When I think of meditation I often wonder if it is merely a weird eastern religious practice or if it holds so importance in our faith as well. Don’t forget to check out Richard Foster’s book “The Celebration of Discipline.” The Old Marquee is a Clements Media Podcast. For more information, please visit theoldmarquee.com Clements Media clementsmedia.org Read more →