Monthly Archives: August 2014

Ep 4: Questioning God? He Made the Brain Cells You Think With.

When I stub my toe sometimes the pain overwhelms me and I think I have experienced suffering. However, this last week I witnessed true suffering and it began to frame my thinking about my faith and the suffering of others. It challenged me in ways I have finished sorting out but I hope you will take a piece of this… Read more →

Ep 3: Be Ye Fishers of Men…You’ll Catch Them, He’ll Clean Them

I work at a Psychiatric Facility and the patients amazed me recently when I watched how they choose to show kindness to a very annoying patient. This challenged my thinking about loving others. How willing am I to love the unlovable? How often do I dismiss people simply because I don’t understand them? What has God called me to and… Read more →