Monthly Archives: October 2014

Ep 9: Let the One Without Guilt Cast the First Stone

Grace and righteousness seem to be terms that have a hard time coexisting. In churches we offer so much grace to members who struggle with lying and other forms of “Lesser” sins but have little grace to offer our leaders and those who deal with greater temptations. Grace in the fundamental attribute of our faith and we simply cannot ignore… Read more →

Ep 8: Happiness Is an inside Job

The other day I spent the entire day with my fiancé watching movies and just relaxing and we both just rested from our exhausted weeks. Sometimes we just want rest and we just get tired of fighting the daily struggle. Jesus always overs of us grace and this is our rest.   The Old Marquee is a Clements Media Podcast.… Read more →

Ep 7: A Man on His Knees in Prayer before God Can Stand before Any Man

This week I came to a realization that American Christians have made for themselves Idols. In the form of Christian Celebrity Pastors we have spent investing in them and not in our own relationship with God. We have continually invested in separating ourselves from God while also having a relationship with Him.   The Old Marquee is a Clements Media… Read more →